Haversack Bags

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Apr 242017

We are haversack bag manufacturers in mumbai.

If you are finding that flyers, leaflets and banners are not yielding you the expected marketing results, try gifting haversack bags as a promotional item. Everybody loves freebies and this item is a novel one that not many would have tried in the past. The sheer utility and durability of these bags along with the space they offer for brand advertising makes them an automatic choice. Just choose brilliant colors with striking visuals for these bags and see the brand recall they are able to generate for your company. If you are looking to contact a Reputed Supplier of haversack bag in Mumbai or Pune, feel free to call us now.

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Customized laptop bags India

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Apr 242017

Whether it is a laptop, net book or a note book, they all require a sturdy and at the same time a light bag to carry them. If you can gift these customized laptop bags India with the name of the user on it, you will have recipients thanking you and remembering your company brand each time they use the bag. Just ensure that there are sufficient numbers of pockets within these bags to hold small items like pens, the smart phone, usb drives, head phones and adaptors. The bags should also have handles and straps for easier portability.

We are one of the leading suppliers of such laptop bags in the cities of Mumbai and Pune. Call us now.

Travel Bag

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Apr 242017

If you are thinking of the travel bag as possible gift items, then you have made the right decision. We are quality and low priced travel bag manufacturers in Mumbai offering wide range of products. People travel frequently and are always looking for something that is compact and convenient. You can look at bags that are just perfect for a couple of days outing as ideal gifts, since many prefer going out for the weekends and will want such bags to carry their stuff.

These bags offer more than enough space for advertising your brand and we will be glad to show you our range for further discussion.

Customized school bags India

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Apr 242017

The school bag is a common sight across cities and towns. Children right from kindergarten to higher secondary levels have to carry the ubiquitous school bag. We are Manufacturer of customized school bags in India. The opportunity for advertising a brand or displaying a message that is relevant to children on such school bags is a huge one, providing the best bang for the buck spent. Customized school bags printing is a lovely concept that is sure to appeal to users, due to the personalized touch it brings to the table. We offer finest products in the wholesale school bag market in mumbai

We can work with you for any bulk order requirements of such school bags within Mumbai and Pune.

Custom backpacks India

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Apr 242017

One of the best methods to boost brand loyalty and at the same time express gratitude to your customers for their support is by gifting items. We are manufacturer of custom made backpacks in india. The choice may wary depending on your industry and the message you wish to communicate to them. While most types of bags are always well received, you cannot go wrong with custom backpacks. That is because of the ease and convenience they offer to the user in carrying them. They are light and can accommodate a lot. The hands free convenience they offer is another plus. For bulk supply across Pune city, Mumbai, or Bangalore, feel free to contact us.

Reach out to us for any bulk requirements for such custom backpacks India for the cities of Mumbai and Pune.

Personalized school bags and lunch boxes

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Apr 242017

This time around, thank your customers, business associates and partners by gifting personalized school bags and lunch boxes. The effort will be well worth it and will be appreciated by your recipients. After all, by personalizing these Kids’ personalized backpacks with the names of the children of your recipients, you are ensuring those items are easily distinguishable and do not get lost or misplaced. Go for bright colors and light weight materials for easy carriage by the children. Use the space on the bags and lunch boxes to display your logo for great visibility of your brand. Contact us for Best prices for Personalized school bags and lunch boxes in Mumbai, india

You can get in touch with us for more information about such items.

Custom made trolley bags

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Apr 242017

Bags that have wheels at the bottom and a handle to drag them are called trolley bags. They facilitate easy movement and are typically used for travelling. Then there are laptop trolley bags that can accommodate the laptop and luggage. There is good scope for customizing trolley bags for teenagers and kids. You can gift customized made trolley bags as promotional items by displaying your logo and marketing message on its front side for adequate visibility. These bags do not come cheap and you may gift them to special customers. Contact us for Custom made trolley bags in India

Do contact us to know more about these bags and rest assured about our commitment to your satisfaction at all times.

Sports bag manufacturers in india

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Apr 242017

With more and more people leading better and active lifestyles, you will not go wrong when you present them with a sports bag. They come in various capacities ranging from 5 to 15 kgs. We are Sports Bags manufacturers wholesalers in Mumbai. You can be creative with your graphics and screen print the colors as well as visuals to complement your brand or company logo. The varieties available ranging from duffle bags to travel sports bag along with straps or just handles for easy carriage make them very popular gifts.

We can help you with the selection of the right sports bag and also assist in the customization.

Gym bag

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Apr 172017

With people across age groups becoming more fitness conscious and taking the trouble to join a gym, the gym bag has become a valuable accessory. We are Sports bags manufacturers in Mumbai and Pune. This also means it offers opportunities for advertising your brand or displaying your company logo on the sufficient real estate available on such bags. Just add the gym bag to your list of corporate or promotional gifts and see it attract many eyeballs. People will be more than happy to receive Gym Bags for Travelling as gifts and you can be sure about your brand visibility reaching places that you may not have envisaged.

Contact us for more information on the gym bag.

Non woven shopping bags

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Oct 112012

non woven shopping bags india

The best quality and reasonable pricing is now available in the shopping bags that are seen in best designs. Picking a good shopping bag certainly improves your style and hence you can find a good choice in our supplies.

Call us for Non woven shopping bags with logo printing in Mumbai

For bulk orders too, you can depend on our latest colors. Compact for shopping, we are the most reliable manufactures for non woven bags.

we are Manufacturers Wholesale Suppliers Of non woven shopping bags in Mumbai including, jewellery pouches, non woven rice bags, non woven shoe bags etc